Become an Online English Teacher

Become an Online English Teacher Discovering the benefits to students from being taught EFL online Here are the key benefits for your students from being taught online: 1. Much better availability of the teacher they want Students often find it difficult to find a local native-English speaking person. Even where this is possible, the teacher…

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR PURCHASE Please use the following instructions to make your purchase: Current Breaking Deal valid FOR 7 DAYS  FROM THE 27th SEPTEMBER  2022 1. Go to 2. Add the CODE = BIGSALE  = *£12.99 96% OFF 1 WEEK Lifetime Extension ON YOUR 120/160 HOUR TEFL COURSE 40 Hour “Become an Online English Teacher” COURSE…

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Estimated Grading Times and 3 Day Express Marking

 Estimated Grading Times and 3 Day Express Marking Thank you and well done for submitting your Lesson Plan and Written Assignment for Grading. Just to let you know that your work has been sent to our Tutors for grading. The grading process takes 10 business days to complete. What do we mean by a business…

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