What’s in it for you and your students? Lots and lots of personal and work benefits. Before discussing these benefits, it’s only fair that we also mention that there are some challenges too. The majority of these challenges are initial challenges that you may face when starting your new role. Pretty quickly you will overcome…

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CHOOSE 50 OUTSTANDING LESSON PLANS THAT GET YOU PREPARED TO TEACH Welcome to our range of 50 lesson plans: 25 Beginner Lesson Plans and 25 Intermediate Lesson Plans. BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE PLANS You asked for these due to the shortage of good quality lesson plans elsewhere, particularly at the Beginner level. Most of what are…

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Get TEFL Qualified and Travel

Get TEFL Qualified and Travel. It’s easier than you think with TEFL Fullcircle. We can help you get qualified with either our Accredited 120 Hour TEFL or our Accredited 160 Hour TEFL. Let’s look at some the great benefits of becoming TEFL Qualified. 1. You’ll get an Internationally Recognised and Accredited TEFL Qualification that’s accepted…

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Our New 40 Hour Teaching English Online Course

Our New 40 Hour Teaching English Online Course We’ve launched our new 40 Hour Teaching English Online Course and we thought we’d explain a little more about what you can do with this course. We call it the Work Anywhere Course because you can become a Digital Nomad and work anywhere in the world as…

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Why become a TEFL Teacher

Why become a TEFL Teacher? Becoming a TEFL Teacher will give you the ability to live anywhere in the world as soon as you get qualified. This type of flexibility, to live and work anywhere, is fairly unique to the TEFL Industry. Once you get qualified you can choose to work in Europe, Asia or…

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What It’s like working in China

What It’s like working in China I have been living and working in China for the last three years and I love it! My life has changed a lot in this time, and I am sure, overwhelmingly, it’s for the better. But when I speak to my friends and family back home, I get tons…

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