Why become a TEFL Teacher

Why become a TEFL Teacher? Becoming a TEFL Teacher will give you the ability to live anywhere in the world as soon as you get qualified. This type of flexibility, to live and work anywhere, is fairly unique to the TEFL Industry. Once you get qualified you can choose to work in Europe, Asia or…

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What It’s like working in China

What It’s like working in China I have been living and working in China for the last three years and I love it! My life has changed a lot in this time, and I am sure, overwhelmingly, it’s for the better. But when I speak to my friends and family back home, I get tons…

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How Lifelong Learning can help your Career

How Lifelong Learning can help your Career Lifelong Learning offers the best hope for all individuals taking part in education during the 21st Century. At TEFL Fullcircle we understand that acquiring new skills will help individuals gain sustainable competitive advantage in their lifetime. Our courses will help you begin your lifelong learning journey and help…

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5 Reasons to TEFL Teach in China

5 Reasons to TEFL Teach in China 1. Huge demand for English Teachers in Shanghai, Beijing and major cities across China. 2. Outstanding package: great salary, free housing, flight allowance, work visa, insurance and more. 3. Low cost of living 4. Jobs teaching young learners or adult students 5. Year round start dates Live and…

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Become an Online English Teacher

Become an Online English Teacher Discovering the benefits to students from being taught EFL online Here are the key benefits for your students from being taught online: 1. Much better availability of the teacher they want Students often find it difficult to find a local native-English speaking person. Even where this is possible, the teacher…

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