Why become a TEFL Teacher

Why become a TEFL Teacher?

Becoming a TEFL Teacher will give you the ability to live anywhere in the world as soon as you get qualified. This type of flexibility, to live and work anywhere, is fairly unique to the TEFL Industry. Once you get qualified you can choose to work in Europe, Asia or South America. It’s easier than you think with TEFL Fullcircle.

You could be 18 and just leaving school or finishing University. You could also find yourself without a job or having a career break. I think it’s important to remember that TEFL can open up a world of opportunity, change, innovation and inspiration.

Why become a TEFL Teacher?

Becoming a TEFL Teacher means you are continuing with your lifelong learning, which simply means you are giving yourself more skills, to allow you to adapt to your changing world.

Becoming a teacher gets many individuals into the mindset of learning more, sharing ideas and wanting to find new ways of doing things creatively.

If you can create innovation, then your learners will benefit and they will also go onto to be lifelong learners and innovate. Therefore, once you get qualified with TEFL Fullcircle and learn Cognitive and Metacognitive skills you will be creating an environment which is not a static learning process but continuing process of innovation, risk taking and creativity. We need people to find new ways of looking at existing problems and take risks to find solutions. That’s a really exciting possibility for a Teacher.

Why become a TEFL Teacher? In summary, teaching is an excellent job and it will give you a real chance to discover your world and help others. Many TEFL Teachers have found they have lived in many different countries before finding one that they liked so much they decided to stay in. Life is choice!


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