Estimated Grading Times and 3 Day Express Marking

 Estimated Grading Times and 3 Day Express Marking

Thank you and well done for submitting your Lesson Plan and Written Assignment for Grading.

Just to let you know that your work has been sent to our Tutors for grading.

The grading process takes 10 business days to complete. What do we mean by a business day? A business day is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This means we do not count a Saturday and a Sunday.

When you submit your work please use this day as you day of submission. If you submit on a Saturday or Sunday then please use Monday as your day of submission.

Let’s use a submission date of Saturday 29th June 2019 as an example.

If you submit on Saturday 29th June 2019 then your first day of submission will be Monday 1st July. Once you have your day of submission then count 10 business days. This means that your work will be returned to no later than 6pm GMT on Friday 12th July 2019.

Just to let you know that if you need your certificate a little quicker than we can offer you a 3 Day Marking Service.

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