5 Reasons to take an Online TEFL Course

5 Reasons to take an Online TEFL Course

TEFL Fullcircle offers 2 Online TEFL Courses: the 120 and 160 Hour Accredited Courses. Both will prepare you for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and allow you to get a 360 Degree view of your planet. Here’s 5 reasons to take an Online TEFL Course with TEFL Fullcircle.

5 Reasons to take an Online TEFL Course

1. An Accredited Online TEFL Course from TEFL Fullcircle will give you instant access to travelling and teaching abroad. Believe us when we tell you that with this qualification you could be living and working in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos within a month of completing the course. This is definitely a possibility for you.

2. An Accredited Online TEFL Course will allow you to discover a number of different countries because you will have a flexible qualification and this will give you choice at the end of each of your contracts.

3. Once you get TEFL qualified with TEFL Fullcircle you will have a truly global certificate, which will give you the ability to work anywhere in the world, where individuals would like to learn English. That could be over 1 Billion people. That’s a lot of learners!

4. There is currently a great deal of demand for English Teachers globally, which means that you can be certain of sustainable employment opportunities over the coming years. For example, in China following the relaxation of the one-child policy, there will be a sharp rise in the demand for English Teachers over the next decade.

5. The last reason to do an Accredited Online TEFL Course is that it’s a great job, it’s fun and it’s excellent to be able to work with all different ages and levels of learners while at the same time as living outside of your home country and experiencing different cultures.

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